11 Nov

Experience 24 hours on the streets of Downtown Tampa


Thanks to forward-thinking leaders, creative entrepreneurs and smart investors, downtown Tampa is experiencing an urban revival.

Think of it as an old friend with a snazzy new haircut and wardrobe. The coolest changes celebrate the fresh new look while embracing the grand traditions that define the city’s history.

While many of our readers live, work or play in downtown regularly, others may may not get a chance to experience the city’s distinct personality during the day or at night.

So we are offering here our recommendations for a 24-hour visit as a grand adventure, especially if you haven’t visited for awhile.

Read along as we explore our own walking tour through downtown’s waterfront views, head-back skyscraper vistas and toes-in-the-grass playtime in the parks — living like the locals, discovering new gems and experiencing tried traditions that define downtown Tampa as a foot friendly, food and beer lovin’ town.

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